Tupper Lake, NY


Municipal Electric Department

The Village of Tupper Lake Municipal Electric Department is municipal utility that provides electricity to over 3,300 customers in the Village and Town of Tupper Lake. The Department was created in 1903. The Department has 9 employees.

How do I...

...report a power outage?

To report a power outage, contact the Village Offices at (518) 359-3341, if after normal working hours, please follow the instructions on the after hours message.

...make a service request?

To to request new service, to request a discontinuation of service, or to report a problem with your electrical service, complete and return to the Village Offices a Service Request Form. The form is available online and at the Village Offices. To report an electrical service emergency, call the Village Offices at (518) 359-3341.

...find out electric rates?

Electric rates are listed on the Electric Rate Sheet available below and under Documents & Forms.

New York Power Authority
Municipal Electrical Utilities Association of New York
The Independent Energy Efficiency Program