Tupper Lake, NY


Economic Development

"By 2020, Tupper Lake will be a nationally recognized center for education in environmental and natural sciences and a vibrant four-season Adirondack destination attracting families, businesses and visitors looking for a unique place balancing nature and technology, history and progress, work and play."
-Tupper Lake Vision Statement

The Tupper Lake of today and tomorrow is and will be defined by its people and its beautiful location in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. These two unique assets, people and place, are the focus of Tupper Lake's economic development efforts and are being leveraged to realize its vision statement and improve quality of life for current and future residents.

Tupper Lake's residents have great pride in the community, a palpable entrepreneurial spirit and a certain tenacity that has been passed down through generations. Projects such as the Wild Center, the Adirondack Observatory, and helping convert the State Theater from film to digital projection demonstrate the community's ability to work together to realize goals that seem to others as too big for the community to accomplish.

Tupper Lake is perfectly situated between the western High Peaks and many of the great and historic Adirondack waterways including the Raquette and Bog Rivers, Raquette Pond and Tupper Lake, Lows Lake, Little Tupper Lake, Lake Lila, and the Saranacs. Mt. Morris and Raquette Pond offer unparalleled backdrops from almost any vantage point in the community. Proximity to these natural assets make Tupper Lake a great base camp for numerous recreational activities and to the community's quality of life. 

Tupper Lake is taking a place-based approach to revitalization and economic development by enhancing and linking three distinct areas: Uptown, Downtown, and Demars Boulevard. Tupper Lake is unique in that it has two village centers that are unique but complemtary. They are connected by the waterfront and Demars Boulevard. 

Centered around Park Street, Uptown consists of compact and walkable residential neighborhoods and a host of businesses and institutions. Economic development efforts Uptown have focused on creating new businesses on Park Street and improving connections to the waterfront. 

Downtown, also known as the Junction, has its own distinct character. The area is centered around Main Street and its many businesses. Economic development efforts include attracting new small businesses along Main Street and development of the Junction Pass Multi-Modal Trail.  

Tupper Lake has also updated its land use regulations to include clear and concise design standards that help protect and enhance standard while giving property owners and developers straight forward guidance about out community expectations.

Demars Boulevard
Demars Boulevard (NYS Route 3) is the major corridor through Tupper Lake and connects Uptown and Downtown. While Uptown and Downtown are older established neighborhoods that have retained much of their original character, Demars Boulevard, with its underutilized commercial uses and adjacent waterfront represents the greatest opportunity for growth and development in Tupper Lake. To attract public and private investment to the area and use the corridor to create linkages between the two village centers, Tupper Lake is implementing a comprehensive redevelopment strategy that includes key public improvements in its waterfront parks and design standards for public and private redevelopment.