Tupper Lake, NY


Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer: Peter Edwards
Phone: 518-359-3341
Fax: 518-359-2634
Hours Monday - Friday by Appointment

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and NYS Energy Code, along with the Tupper Lake Land Use Code.

Applications for site plan review, special use permits, subdivisions, area and use variances are received by the Town of Tupper Lake Planner and are reviewed by either the Joint Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals.


What requires a permit?

A building permit is required for and prior to commencing: The creation, construction, and enlargement. Improvement, alteration, removal or demolition of any building, structure or any portion thereof and installation of heating equipment.


What are the permitted uses in a zone?

The permitted uses for all zones can be found in the Tupper Lake Land Use Code. Please be aware that many commercial businesses or a change in use of an existing business will require approval from the Joint Planning Board. Contact the town Planner for further information.


What are the setbacks for a building?

The set backs can be found in the Tupper Lake Land Use Code, they vary on zone and type of building.


What are the subdivision laws for Tupper Lake?

All subdivisions are required to be reviewed by the Joint Planning Board before they can be filed with the Franklin County Clerk’s office, Please contact the Town Planner at 518-359-9261 ext 102 for additional information.


Do I need stamped plans?

A set of plans bearing the official seal, stamp and signature of a New York State registered architect or licensed professional engineer must be submitted to the Code Enforcement Official prior to the issuance of a permit for a building over 1500 square feet or commercial building and major alteration or renovation.


How do I get a 911 number?

Contact Franklin County Emergency Services at 518-483-2580.


How do I file a complaint?

For complaints such as work being undertaken without a permit or property maintenance issues, contact the Code Enforcement Department at 518-359-9261 ext 102 or 518-359-3341.


How do I schedule an inspection?

Contact the code enforcement officer at 518-359-3341.


How long is a building permit good for?

3 years


How long is a demolition permit good for?

1 month


Do electrical installations need to be inspected?

Yes, all inspections are performed by a third-party electrical inspector.


Do Solar projects need a permit?

Yes, please see the Solar Permit below.


Do Solar projects need to go before the Joint Planning Board?

Minor residential projects do not need to go before the Joint Planning Board.


How do I obtain a Certificate of Occupancy?

A final inspection must be performed and any required paperwork must be on file with office before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.