Tupper Lake, NY


Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and efficient operation of transportation and parks infrastructure in the Village and provision of residential trash pick up. The Department has 8 employees including the Superintendent, one mechanic and six laborers. The Department maintains 18 miles of streets including storm sewer infrastructure and sidewalks. The Department also maintains Demars Boulevard Park, Flanders Park, Washington Street Park, and the Chad Martin Memorial Park.

When is trash pick up?

Trash pick up is on Tuesday for Uptown and Wednesday for Downtown residents. Trash containers must be at the curbside by 6:30 AM. The maximum size garbage bag that will be picked up will be 15 gallons per (1) garbage sticker.  We will no longer pick up any bags larger than 15 gallons. 

What is the street sweeping schedule?

Street sweeping alternates between Uptown and Downtown. Major streets are swept once a week.

What is the snow removal schedule?

Snow is removed as necessary and subject to available resources. Street corners and bus stops are given first priority. Potentially dangerous situations should be reported to the Village by calling 359-3341.

Franklin County Highway Department